Lots of things have been happening with WebMedicPro it is very difficult to find the time to sit and reflect.  It came to me that establishing a road-map-based blog might be a good idea to help coordinate our future initiatives and recognize our past objectives.  With that I enter my first of what I hope to be weekly entries.

I want to use the first few blog entries to help clarify what WebMedicPro is and isn’t from a technical point of view.

We are NOT an app…

When we initially traveled down this road one of our first thoughts was to create a native iOS app.  It seemed that as soon as we uttered the words along came Android.  It was a no-brianer at that time to shift our focus to a non-os non-platform specific solution.

We are NOT a software company…

While others in the industry have spent what seems to be a lifetime creating and maintaining software-based solutions, our experiences with end users have led us in a different direction.  We have established the only turn-key solution in the industry and as such we manage the private Verizon cell network, the software, and even the devices deployed to our clients.

We believe this frees the users to take care of their patients and not their toughbooks…

This approach has led us through quite a few learning curves and as a result WebMedicPro is proficient in many of the up-and-coming technologies that up until recently were only available to the fortune 1000 companies.

We are built on TOP of NEMSIS 3.x…

Going into our initial specification phase in 2010 we made a strategic decision to marry our data model with NEMSIS’ version 3 data model.  This has lead to quite a few interesting conversations over the years as version 3 of NEMSIS has become more mainstream.

WebMedicPro’s approach to NEMSIS is unique in that we have built a system builder.  Our system builder takes the exact data dictionary NEMSIS has carefully crafted and we feed that into our system builder; Out the other end comes our code.  We take and deploy our code to all client instances. This ensures that as NEMSIS changes, we are able to stay on top of the changes dynamically.  This gives us near zero day adoption of new standards across all of our clients.

Best of all, our clients need not do anything to adopt the updates as everything is pushed automatically from our datacenter.

New features, new functionality, new standards, usability updates–everything is maintained by us, freeing our clients to spend their time helping patients.

In a nutshell, this is WebMedicPro’s claim to fame: We help our clients help others, and not worry about the technology underneath the hood.

We connect the technology dots so our clients don’t have to.

We are here to serve as our clients’ technology team.

We are happy and proud to be a part of this new paradigm of EMS care.

Earl H. Gray IV
CTO and Co-Owner

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