We offer a support line staffed by real medics

It’s true! All of them have experience with AmbuPad™ and WedbMedicPro and can be reached day or night at (844) AMBUPAD.

What about Cell Coverage?

We provide the Cell coverage as a part of the service.

Is there a per run charge?

No, we don’t charge per run.

What cell carrier do you use?

We are premier partners with Verizon Wireless and deploy the bulk of our units with them. We do work with Sprint and AT&T and depending on your cell coverage, we will work with you to get the best solution in place.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private tunnel securing all of our AmbuPads as an extension to our state of the art datacenter. Being on a VPN allows AmbuPad users to experience the cell network’s reliability just like regular users without worrying about sending the patient data over the public internet.

Do you integrate with other Billing and Dispatch software companies?

Being a NEMSIS 3.x ready system we natively integrate with anyone able to send NEMSIS 3.3.3+ files. We also do custom integrations to several other providers. We can integrate with any willing company in any regard.

Are their role-based access levels in your system?

We ship each system with two defined roles: Client Admin and Medic. The Medic are the AmbuPad users and the Client Admin are the portal users / back end administrative folks.

Do you allow for Dispatch or Billing roles?

We can set up whatever access levels a client needs, our system will allow us to specify access on a page level and we can have as many roles as a client needs to run their business.

What happens when a crew is done with the call?

The crew member filling out the report can mark the run finalized and the next sync, the run will remove itself from the AmbuPad and the run will appear editable in the web portal.

What if a crew member needs to change the run after finalizing it?

The crew member can log into their account on the web portal and they will have access to the run for as long as the client admin lets them.

Do you offer Administrative AmbuPads?

Yes. A customer can request specific AmbuPads that will allow administrative users to log in, these AmbuPads need more muscle under the hood and should be identified before deployment. We recommend that each AmbuPad be locked to a certain role type, however, in a pinch, any user can log into any AmbuPad.

What color cases do you offer?

Colors and cases are always changing, but our default color is red.

What case do you use?

Currently we are using a case by the Joy Factory, it is mil spec approved. In the past we have used survivor cases.

Do you take custom orders for color / case requests?

Yes, we offer custom color and/or case requests. There may be a charge for this since all of our cases typically are purchased in bulk.

What happens if I break a device?

If you elect to pay for our insurance, you call us and we over-night you a replacement with instructions on how to return the damaged unit. If you didn’t pay for the insurance, you can still call us and we will overnight the replacement, however a one time charge of up to $900 will need to be paid by credit card before we ship the device. Returning the old device is still required.

Do I own the devices / iPads?

No, since we purchase them, WebMedicPro will own the devices. We lease the full solution to our clients, devices included.