The data about the patient is just as important as the patient!

A paramedic’s business is saving lives, and when you’re in the field, every second counts. You cannot afford to waste precious minutes during a medical emergency performing maintenance on your equipment, and your patient care reporting device is no exception. After all, you’re a paramedic. You shouldn’t have to be an IT professional, too.

AmbuPad™ is the ePCR field instrument designed with the medic in mind.

Like a defibrillator, ventilator or any other medical instrument, AmbuPad™ is a turnkey device designed to run on-the-fly. Connected hardware, up-to-date software, an intuitive interface and real-time data collection are all native to the device, which means no time is wasted finding a signal, configuring applications, patching software or cleaning viruses. Nor do you have to purchase any additional hardware, manage servers or dedicate IT staff. WebMedicPro takes care of it all.